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Our responsible investment exclusions list

As an active manager, we have a greater degree of control over the industries and companies our funds are invested in.
And while many NZ managers base ‘responsible’ or ‘ethical’ funds around a narrow list of basic exclusions –
we take a broader view that looks at a company’s overall behaviour, environmental and social impact.

Our exclusions fall into one of the following three categories:

1. Zero tolerance exclusions

Companies which are involved in: the tobacco industry, controversial and nuclear weapons, whaling and whale meat processing – for both direct and indirect investment.

2. ESG exclusions

Companies which exhibit highly unethical behaviour, particularly in the context of: abuse of the environment, human rights abuses, endemic illegal activities. (Excluded from directly held investments).

3. Areas of sensitivity

The following industries are considered areas of sensitivity, due to their high likelihood of victimising people and/or the environment: defence and firearms, gambling services, thermal coal, nuclear power, palm oil.

In the interests of transparency, our exclusion database is publicly available.
You can search the database below by category - or see if a specific company is on our exclusion list.