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Our active engagement

Active engagement uses our power as a shareholder, to directly influence ESG outcomes and decisions within the companies we are invested in.
We believe this delivers better outcomes than simply divesting from companies and letting other, less responsible investors ‘fill the gap’.

Recent examples of our active engagement include:


Kiwi Invest voted against the reappointment of BHP Board Chair, Ken MacKenzie due to several ESG controversies within the firm. We also joined 25% of other shareholders, voting to withdraw from industry groups whose lobbying is inconsistent with the Paris Agreement’s goals. BHP is reviewing its industry associations, with their latest review set to be published by the end of the calendar year.


We were part of 44.5% of shareholders who voted for Starbucks to meet packaging reuse and recycling goals. Although it didn’t receive majority support, it far exceeded the previous years’ vote (29% support) and is the largest shareholder vote result in recent years on packaging and recycling issues. Since this vote, Starbucks continues its efforts around sustainability; testing compostable cups – and planning to remove single-use plastic straws from all stores.

Social Media

Kiwi Invest currently is a lead along with ACC and NZ Super in the ongoing engagement about strengthened controls of live streaming towards Alphabet (YouTube’s owner), Facebook, and Twitter. Specifically, asking them to prevent, detect, and drive solutions in this area along with 85 funds from around the world, with $13 trillion worth of assets under management (as at September 2019).

In the interests of transparency, our recent proxy votes are publicly available.
You can see our previous votes, search by company, or see the shareholder proposals we’ve supported, below.