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The Kiwi Invest Difference

A genuine partner, who puts your needs first – with active, global, diversified strategies, and a track record of long-term performance.

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Track record of performance
We’re a trusted pair of hands

Our investment model has delivered, long-term performance - with a thorough understanding of your risk, and an accessible 100% NZ based team. We put our investors at the centre of every decision and our ownership, including NZ Super Fund and ACC, gives us strength and depth here. Our approach is built on genuine guardianship of New Zealanders’ wealth, goals, and success.

100% Kiwi Owned & Operated
We’re truly NZ

Our team is entirely based here - and our profits, stay here. And while our investment approach is truly global, it was developed with the same Kiwi ingenuity, and upfront honesty, that define both our origins, and our Kiwi Group backing today. As Kiwis, we understand Kiwis – allowing us to more accurately understand, and deliver to, your investment goals.

A Tailored Approach
We tailor our approach

An investment approach that is tailored to your situation and goals, that can be adapted to your overall investment strategy, or play a tactical role within it. We provide communications to you, to help you broaden your investment market knowledge or to just keep you up to date on your investments returns.

Putting Clients Interests First
We serve no interests but yours

Our approach ensures truly objective investment decisions and doesn’t rely on a few preferred markets. We work for you – which might be why we offer genuine transparency and highly detailed reporting, down to the last security.

Responsible Iinvestments
We're genuinely 'Responsible'

We take Responsible Investing further – applying ESG criteria across every single fund and investment decision we make, not just a token fund. We apply comprehensive exclusions that factor in a company’s overall behaviour, environmental and social impact rather than a narrow list of products or sectors. And we use our shareholder power to actively engage for change within the companies we invest in – with our proxy voting, and exclusions, published for transparency.

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