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Our approach

Giving you a truly personal, transparent, and global portfolio.

Our process

Ultimately, you invest in risks. So, our process starts with getting a true understanding of your ‘risk budget’ and then designing an investment portfolio mix to help you achieve your goals:

We Understand Your Investment Needs
1. Building understanding

We start by building an understanding – with your dedicated senior adviser making sure they know your financial context now, where you want to get to, and your priorities along the way.

Create Your Risk Budget
2. Talking risk

Then, instead of focusing only on rewards, we start with a realistic discussion of risk - how much you’re prepared for, how much you can afford, and how much you need, to achieve your goals. Your personal ‘risk budget’ informs every subsequent decision we make. 

Choose Your Portfolio Mix
3. Evaluating and selecting

Our fund managers look worldwide for investment opportunities based on market performance, global themes, and their different levels of risk.  And, your adviser recommends your ideal investment mix based on your goals, timeframes, and capacity for risk.

Invest Actively
4. Proactive management

As our analysts and managers actively manage aiming to optimise the performance of their funds, your adviser monitors ongoing performance and ensures your portfolio mix meets your changing needs. Our reporting and genuine transparency keep you closely informed.

Our responsibility

Responsible investing isn’t just the right thing to do – it makes better business sense, with companies that are well run in ESG terms tending to provide better risk / return outcomes.

Here’s the four key ways that we are genuinely taking Responsible Investing further.

RI principals

If responsibility only flows into a single, token fund, you’re left with only a small portion of responsibility – or a less diversified investment mix. We apply a Responsible Investment approach across all our funds.

See our RI approach

Applying more

Instead of excluding investments based on a narrow list of products or sectors – we factor in a company’s behaviour, and overall environmental and social impact, into our RI criteria.

See our exclusions

Proxy voting

This translates beliefs, into action – using the weight of our funds’ overall investment, to actively influence Environmental, Social and Governance outcomes through a broad range of companies, worldwide.

See our proxy voting


Sometimes, implementing an RI strategy can come with increased management costs. We ensure complete transparency if there are any related fees or ‘opportunity costs’ to your overall portfolio.

Talk to an adviser

Our fund structures

Our fund structures give you access to a diversified global pool of carefully selected investments. Your adviser recommends your ideal investment mix based on your goals, timeframes, and capacity for risk – regularly monitoring ongoing performance, and ensuring your portfolio mix meets your changing needs.


Global Thematic

This actively managed fund contains approximately 80-100 stocks - all selected to correspond to high performing global 'market themes'.

See fund fact sheet

Global Quantitative

An actively managed fund with approximately 250 stocks. Computer algorithms, backed by human oversight, constantly finding stock opportunities.

See fund fact sheet

Core Global

An enhanced index fund containing approximately 900 stocks. Managed by JP Morgan, it gives cost-effective access to a wide range of global markets.

See fund fact sheet

Core Fixed Income

Actively managed global credit & swaps hedged to NZ yield curve.

See fund fact sheet
See fund fact sheet

Growth fund

The Growth Fund provides investors with access to an actively managed diversified portfolio of primarily shares and other growth assets with a view to delivering superior returns to the global share market over the medium to longer term.

See fund fact sheet

Fixed Interest

An actively managed diversified portfolio of New Zealand and global fixed interest and cash investments of varying maturities

See fund fact sheet

The Kiwi Wealth Growth Fund and Fixed Interest Funds are funds in the Kiwi Wealth Master Trust. Please see a Kiwi Wealth or Kiwi Invest adviser for advice on investing in these through our Private Portfolio Service. Wholesale clients can also invest into the individual Kiwi Investment Management funds; Cash Fund, Core Fixed Income Fund, Core Global Fund, Global Thematic Fund and Global Quantitative Funds. These funds are in the Kiwi Investment Management Wholesale Master Trust.