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Taking responsibility further

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Tuesday 24 September, 2019

RI engagement, the Kiwi way.

As humanity faces enormous risks such as the impacts of climate change, rising populism and the growing risk of global instability, we at Kiwi Invest view the pursuit of a more sustainable future for present and future generations as more vital than ever before.

Investment managers are now being held increasingly accountable by more and more clients. And, the companies we invest in are increasingly operating in a space where their social and environmental actions and reputations can have direct and powerful impacts on their business performance and wider society.

Engagement, as an RI strategy, is all about liaising with companies, as an existing or prospective shareholder, to achieve a specific, desired change. As we explain in this paper, conducting effective engagements involves multiple factors and decisions. Are we driving change that our customers are, or should be, concerned about? Is there a resolution that respects shareholder value? Are other investors likely to join in collaboratively? How can Engagement be complemented by proxy voting and divestment to increase the chances of success?

With engagement set to play an integral role in RI, we explore here how it can be a driver of change to deal with the issues we face. See our analysis – by downloading the whitepaper below.


Kiwi Invest – Responsible Investing Whitepaper

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