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Who we are

The Kiwi Invest team has extensive experience and a strong track 
record in managing global and local investments.


Greg Hayton

Fixed Interest Trader

As a Fixed Interest Trader, Greg is responsible for managing the fixed interest portfolio.

Greg joined us in 2008 and his responsibilities include managing and trading for the fixed interest strategy and improving our fixed interest management systems. These improvements enhance our ability to trade and quickly buy and sell securities in fixed interest portfolios.

With 15 years in the investment industry, Greg has a comprehensive knowledge of both New Zealand Capital Markets, and the various fixed interest ‘instruments’, including corporate and government bonds and interest rate derivatives. He understands what drives investor funds into each fixed interest category and this expertise enables him to seek out optimal investment opportunities, while also ensuring investments that have unsatisfactory risk/reward characteristics are avoided.

Greg has a BSc from Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, America, with a double major in business administration and finance.