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Exploring the road ahead

Kiwi Invest's 2020 Investment Seminars

At our 2020 Investment Seminar, our senior investment team gave their analysis of the year that's been, and the year ahead. With NZ continuing to face significant global uncertainty and change, there's no better time to learn more about the performance of 'Kiwi' investments - and the opportunities our experts see, both now and into 2021.


Simon O’Grady, Chief Investment Officer, talks to our performance in 2020, as well as the events of the year and our investment team’s response to them.


Diana Gordon, Head of Fixed Interest, takes a detailed look at the economic outlook for 2021 - and its implications for our investment strategies both in Fixed Interest and more generally.


Frank Braden, Senior Equity Analyst, Global Thematic, outlines a couple of the key themes we believe will continue through 2021.


Steffan Berridge, Head of Quantitative and Responsible Investment, speaks to our Responsible Investment strategy, latest developments including our recent A+ rating from PRI, and why we think our strategy is more likely to drive positive change.